Global Learning Consultancy.


Our work examines global power inequalities through an interdisciplinary approach. Rooted in the theories of post-development and post-colonialism, we support private, governmental, non-governmental organisations, achieve transformative social change. We are a branch of Cesaro&Associati Business Consultancy, which support our work with Business, Financial and Legal aspects. 


Our expertise: 

1. Education

“Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world – Nelson Mandela

From language curriculum design, to ed-tech software development, our mission is to empower learners by developing critical thinking, engagement with diversity through dialogic learning and action for social change. Our critical and innovative approach implements pedagogies that not only improve learning outcomes, but specifically to dismantle barrier of oppressions. 

Director: Laura Cesaro 

After taking action in the refugee crisis both in Greece and Italy, where she coordinated educational programs, she developed an interest in the relationship between power and education, exploring theories of Post-Colonialism and Post-Development. She first studied Development Education and Global Learning at the Institute of Education of University College London. She then further specialised in Technology, Innovation and Education at Harvard University, where she collaborates with Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Project Zero and REACH (Refugee, Education and action for Refugees around the world). She is the founder of SiriusGame, an e-learning platform, that through VR, AI and gamification immerse students in the Ancient World. She is the Head of Educational Development and Research at Cesaro&Associati consultancy firm, where she works on creativity as vital feature to innovation in entrepeneruship. 


2. Social Sciences 

Director: Geneviève Cartilier 

With a background in social anthropology and an interest for contentious politics, social resistance movements and the relationship between power, markets, conflict and social change, Geneviève currently works as a consultant for the Asfari Institute of Civil Society and Citizenship. The core of her work previously consisted in the creation of learning content on Arab social activism and transnational social movements. In partnership with the Asfari Foundation, her work has now turned to digital learning and knowledge production for local civil society organisations. Geneviève has a Master’s degree in Anthropology and Development from the London School of Economics and a Master’s in Middle East Studies from the American University of Beirut. She has worked as an educator, coordinator and interpreter in the context of the refugee crisis in Greece. 

3. Institutional Relations and Conflict Management 

One of our key objectives is to raise awareness about the context that we are operating in with our clients. The success or failure of projects often depends on offering solutions which are sustainable. Projects and solutions that are appealing for local authorities and that are designed to avoid a societal backlash in the target location are much more likely to succeed. 

Director: Antonino Occhiuto 

Antonino currently works as Analyst and Researcher at Gulf State Analytics (GSA), a Washington, DC-based geopolitical risk consulting firm which assesses risks and opportunities in the Gulf and the greater Middle East. He completed his postgraduate studies in London at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) where he obtained a Master of Science (MSc) in International Politics, a course specifically focused on the Middle East and security and defence affairs. His main areas of research and specialisation are the relations between EU and GCC member states, internal political dynamics in the GCCs, Yemen and security in the Gulf. He contributes periodically with magazines and newspapers both in English and Italian, including Limes and the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft.